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Thursday, June 23, 2011

TulDa CR500 Engined Roadracer

The TulDa roadracer built by Dr. Robin Tuluie.  CR500 engine in a custom chassis wrapped in custom and TZ250 bodywork.  Photographs and specifications below via EuroSpares out of San Francisco, CA.

  • wheelbase: 52" - 52.5", depending on sprocket sizes

  • dry (no water, oil, gas) weight: 192 lbs

  • rake: adjustable via eccentrics

  • trail: depends on rake

  • frame: 4130 heat-treated. weight: 11.5 lbs

  • swingarm: 6061 T6 aluminum, except for legs, which are OEM alloy later versions are 5086 H34 alloy

  • tank: Home build carbon fiber composite

  • seat: Home build carbon fiber composite

  • composite airbox, manifold, reedcage, heatshield, etc.

  • fairing: '96 TZ fairing, narrowed 1.5", moved air intake

  • Here is another variant of the same machine:

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