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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Random engine photograph question solved

Thanks to t_s who offered up this alternate view which he snapped at a show in Padova, Italy in 2008.  The engine shown here is from this Faccioli IOTM 50cc racer.

MotoGP machinery

Some prior iterations of MotoGP machines for your viewing pleasure.

Monday, June 27, 2011

A*'s Tech Performance Underwear

This is the packaging for the Winter weight, the temperatures weren't
that high and it was mixed clouds and sun so I reckoned Why not try
out my new gear (that I bought in November of 2010...)?

Made in and out of full leathers easier, nice mock turtleneck helped
with zipper rubbing around the neck area, full synthetic meant
moisture wicking and all day comfort.

Maybe I should try the Summer weight...?

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Edison FAS Auto & Cycle Show

I don't have any affiliation to this, however it seems like it would be for a good cause and I am going to check it out so thought I would post it up.

More Random

Random engine photograph

I'll be honest, besides knowing this is a trick looking kit I have no idea what this is or where I came across it. Can anyone help me to identify what we are looking at here?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Round peg, round hole. What's the problem?

More work on my SV650K6.
The problem here might just be a differing inside diameter for the LSL
clip on handlebar tube versus the outside diameter for the Woodcraft
Technologies derlin clip on end plug...
With enough force, it'll work.

Ducati / NCR tech goodness

Via Ducati forums last year, I lost the link to track the progress and would love to see how this turned out.  This is a 1098 with significant Titanium from NCR thrown at it.

AMA tech goodness

Oldie but a goodie from earlier in the year or late last year, via SuperbikePlanet.

TulDa CR500 Engined Roadracer

The TulDa roadracer built by Dr. Robin Tuluie.  CR500 engine in a custom chassis wrapped in custom and TZ250 bodywork.  Photographs and specifications below via EuroSpares out of San Francisco, CA.

  • wheelbase: 52" - 52.5", depending on sprocket sizes

  • dry (no water, oil, gas) weight: 192 lbs

  • rake: adjustable via eccentrics

  • trail: depends on rake

  • frame: 4130 heat-treated. weight: 11.5 lbs

  • swingarm: 6061 T6 aluminum, except for legs, which are OEM alloy later versions are 5086 H34 alloy

  • tank: Home build carbon fiber composite

  • seat: Home build carbon fiber composite

  • composite airbox, manifold, reedcage, heatshield, etc.

  • fairing: '96 TZ fairing, narrowed 1.5", moved air intake

  • Here is another variant of the same machine:

    Wednesday, June 22, 2011


    Not certain of the original source, this scanned image I pulled from PerformanceBikes forum. I like it, good on Honda if they produce it. Doubtful it would have global distribution though. Oh how I miss my old D Superbike / F2 spec weekend racer and daily commuter FZR400...

    Via PB forums

    Road Warrior 750

    No, not a futuristic remake of the Mel Gibson movie. The Barton two stroke, square four engined F1 class Buell RW750. Once clocked at 178mph which seems pretty fast for it's day...

    Tuesday, June 21, 2011

    POSH retro

    Received some super secret squirrel parts from Japan for my retrofying update to my SV650K6.

    Posh Factory retro Amal style handgrips in translucent brown.  I was getting tired of the ultra thin race rep handgrips I had mounted up, fatigue and cramping on longer rides was getting old.  These Amal style grips are thicker and seem pretty comfortable and tacky, as well as stylish. 

    Plus some of this....
    Old skool 'grip glue'.

    WSBK & WSS

    I really like these series. The racing is usually entertaining and the machines make for great photography. That's where someone like Sandro Zornio comes in. Nice photographs here, thanks to PB forums for the tip.

    2007 Porsche 911 GT3

    Last week I spotted a GT3 in a discount auto parts store lot and thought it an ironic placement. These photographs below are taken from a local news feed about a high profile accident, unrelated to last weeks GT3 post other than this too is (i.e. was) a GT3.

    Photographs credit Eric Lewis

    Sunday, June 19, 2011

    Suzuki vintage 500GP machine

    Show Ducati

    Thanks for the content RS, sorry I wasn't able to make the show.

    More Retro Superbike Stylings

    Prior PB Magazine feature, details and finishing touches really make a difference.  I especially like the old and new mix of components, often times I read a builder of a retro type special comment on how they do not like to use a USD front end becasue they feel it doesnt 'fit' the style of the build, in this case I feel it makes it stand out.  Some additional pictures of this build in varying phases here at PB.
    Photo KineticImages

    Thursday, June 16, 2011

    BMW S1000RR tech photograph

    From SuperbikePlanet if I recall correctly.

    SV650 update

    Trying to get my SV operational for the weekend, here is what some basic handtools and a vise can do to make a gauge bracket for a 2nd Generation Naked SV650 that has a GSXR front end grafted onto it.

    Tuesday, June 14, 2011

    Classic Racers and Classic Endurance Racers

    To WhiskeyRacer via BubbleVisor via Bitubo Race Service Suspensionworks blog.  In general I dislike just directly replicating someone elses post, but these are all good stuff and I wanted to have them here.

    Directly above photograph credit G&P Thonus,

    Directly above via BubbleVisor via BRSSuspensionworks via RocketGarage?  Just want to give credit where it is due.

    I especially like this Honda below, I had a right rear angle of it in an earlier WR entry titled '119' and am very glad to have come across this alternate image.
    Directly above photograph credit G&P Thonus,