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Friday, September 28, 2012


Sorry mate, took a while to get to save and put these up - should've sooner cause she's a beauty.

"this build has been a labour of love, tore the bike down last October and worked in the shop every day to try and make the start of the British Historic Racing B.E.A.R.S series...anyhoo, got a 80-85bhp 750 race motor on order for next season and i'm going to run the last two meetings this year with the shonky old stocker just to shake down the chassis etc, feel free to use any photo's off the blog, [if you scroll down to 'post's' and click 'boxer racer project' the whole story is there, thank's,  best regard's" loveless

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Thank you - enjoy!


Plucked from LC this link had some good photographs and I especially liked this one for its touch of vintage, race, custom, exotica, and artistry....