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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


In case you didn't get invited...


Via Formula1 Inside Line:

Q: What is your biggest weakness?
 Candies, especially Finnish salmiak.

Monday, November 19, 2012


Special thanks to AG for coordinating the COTA trip and I promise the check is in the mail! More thanks to AG for all the driving, especially to find some Old No. 7 at Don and Ben's on Saturday night - never thought it would be that difficult. MN it was a pleasure, you're a true character - thanks for humping all that bottled water all weekend! Cheers


You can't watch big hair 90's DVD's on United. FYI.


Via Jalopnik


On the drive from COTA to San Antonio. Beautiful countrysides and great weather for the race.


Really the more disappointing part of the whole COTA experience was this, the race day parking lot chaos. Not certain if other lots experienced this, Lot L/M did. Seemed like a free for all, needed some experienced traffic control in there. Took about two hours just to get from the parking spot to Elroy Road. Friday was 60k fans, Saturday 80k fans - both those days were ok for traffic. Not certain today's attendance (edit - apparently 117k), but they had about the same number of lot attendees so maybe that's telling you (COTA) hem.


A gaggle of poms.

Sunday, November 18, 2012


Race ended and everyone started The March out of the moonscape. Relative to this time event organizers please take note of two things: 1.) when drivers are being interviewed you shouldn't have the JET TURBINE TRACK DRYERS out blowing off the course so fans can't hear the podium interviews, and 2) when drivers are being interviewed off podium in the interview room TURN THE SOUND ON for the monitors so fans can hear what is being said.


I set this aside to opine about COTA.  Not sure what to say that I didn't already cover in a post somewhere.  The race went fast, seemed like a short day but that could be becasue we arrived later and exited earlier - of course the traffic woes (see following posts) negated the feelings.  Maybe Pirelli could come up with a tire that degrades faster, or it could rain, or the race could move up a few weekends, or put a DRS zone on the front straight...not sure it just seemed fast yet not as exciting as it could be.  Maybe when I watch the race on my DVR it will seem as exciting as any other.

Did you go to COTA?  Share and post your thoughts.


T MINUS 1 (5)

T MINUS 1 (4)

T MINUS 1 (3)

T MINUS 1 (2)

Don't be the iPad guy...

T MINUS 1 (1)

General Admission seating at Turn 1 was absolutely packed.




By the way those aren't my arms in the picture, I know how to take a shot without photographer interference - someone else jumped in on the photograph idea as I was taking this.


Making Americans look stupid AND ignorant. Good job protesters.

TEJANO 107.5

A little conjunto in the morning makes for a pleasant drive from San Antonio to COTA.


Here is what the majority of the landscape looks like unless you are a member of the Paddock Club.  Its a moonscape with very little grass, out side of the reflecting pool area.

Here are my thoughts for those planning to attend:
1.  Ladies - the boots and heels look great, but do yourself a favor and wear practical shoes if you are in the cheap seats.
2.  Domestic Beers - $8.50, Import Beers - $9.50.  Highway robbery but people are paying it.  Haven's really seen any ridiculously drunk people yet, maybe they will be out today.
3.  Food - lunch was $22.00 for basically a burger and fries, no drink.  Extortionate.  Luckily it was good, if not too much food.  Bring a powerbar.
4.  Dust - is everywhere, you will leave like a cowboy coming off a long ride.  Dusty.
5.  Grandstands - you can only sit in your assigned grandstands, so all weekend no hope of checking out other views.  Disappointing, what if we wanted to scope out other grandstands for next year?
6.  General admission - GA is actually really good minus the lack of grass.  Good slopes and plenty of space.  
7.  Toilet facilities - could use some blockhouses, maybe in the future COTA?  Plenty of Port-a-Johns and so far only one has been 'unusable' due to user error....
8.  Parking - the people attending the lots are trying to grip traffic control, some flows well and other times it logjams.  Just be patient.  As noted earlier it's not the worst traffic I have experienced at a race.
9.  COTA merchandise - I am not really one that goes for that but in general if you want COTA merchandise be prepared to wait.  Small stalls and overwhelmed staff.  Lines are longer than for food (which is saying something).
10.  Hydrate - water isn't cheap so do yourself a favor and bring some, some for car afterwards too.  Sun is hot and environment is arid.  Might be windy again today (like Friday) which kicks the crap out of you and compounds what the sun is doing.


Finding one of these was like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. Strange.



FIA certified.


That is a Chevrolet Tornado.
This set in the series should've been before the next two posts...cell service at COTA is touch and go so they never left the outbox until back at the hotel...

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Good spot. Good company.


Main television camera chopper has been buzzing us all weekend.  He seems to be getting some good footage.