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Monday, September 17, 2012


Imagine where motorcycling would be if John Britten hadnt passed away at such an early age?  Good read and photographs via MotorCyclist.


  1. Saw the blue and pink bike at the motorcycle museum in Solvang in California, when I was on vacation a few years ago, the bike is stunning in the flesh, I think this was the last model made? The museum in Solvang is well worth a visit, it's in an old Moss Bros store that the owner bought to house his collection, some fantastic machines in there, loads of exotic race bikes, I turned up on a Tuesday afternoon on route from San Fran and the place was locked up, gutted! Then this guy see,s me looking through the window and turn,s out he's the janitor and opens up for me! I'm in heaven wandering around, taking photo,s and dribbling on the floor while the rest of the family are sampling the Danish delights in the town, brilliant!

  2. Thats a pretty awesome janitor! Cool stuff indeed.