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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Awesome x infinity.

Some additional photographs at TheTRXProject, main site here.

The Britten V1000

What started out as a man with a dream and few dedicated mates is now a Christchurch situated motorcycle company who have produced ten bikes so far: three are currently in New Zealand, one is in Italy, one in Holland and five in the United States of America.


Of the New Zealand bikes one is the Cardinal Britten which is used for static displays and promotional purposes. This is owned by Britten Motorcycle Company and Cardinal Network who each have it for six months of the year. The second is owned by Te Papa - The museum of New Zealand and was raced to victory in the NZ Grand Prix before it was rebuilt for the museum display. The third is the factory owned bike which won the World BEARS series (British, European, American Racing Series) in 1995. This bike is owned by Kevin Grant of Water Dynamics in Auckland and is on loan to Britten Motorcycle Company for a five year term as part of the sale agreement.


The Italian bike which is owned by Roberto Crepaldi of Cafe Racers & Superbikes also has an impressive race history and has just been restored at the factory prior to its return to Italy where it will be placed in retirement. This Britten V1000 is painted black and yellow which are CR&S's racing colours.

In America two of the bikes, owned by Mark Stewart and George Barber are now static displays but both have been raced. The Brittens owned by James Hunter and Michael Canepa are both still racers. The bike owned by Jim Hunter is currently travelling in a show called ÒThe Art of the MotorcycleÓ which has been in the Guggenheim Museum in New York, the Field Museum in Chicago and is planned to move to the Guggenheim in Bilbo, Spain. The last of the Brittens - the #10 bike is owned by Michael Iannuccilli in Las Vegas. It has not yet been ridden apart from the standard factory test.

The ninth bike is owned by South African Gary Turner who is based in Holland. After winning the Sound of Thunder in Daytona this year the Pro Britten Race Team plan to race this bike in the 1999 European Sound of Thunder Series. This bike is painted in their team colours of siver and gold with black trim.

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