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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

TT 750 F1

Via SpeedJunkies


  1. what's the little "nub" on top of the tailpiece in the second-to-last image?

    it almost looks like a momentary pushbutton, but i cant imagine what you'd want a pushbutton for back there!

  2. It's a good question I don't immediately know the answer to. The battery remains in place when the tailsection is removed and all of the tail electrics pull off with the tailsection. I am guessing it could actually be an on/off for the night/rain lights. There is a pushbutton switch on the clutch side at the front, but this is 80's tech the front lights and rear lights could be on a different circuit (think adding a set of PIAA aftermarket driving lights to your 1990 Civic Si...). If anyone knows more definitively post up a Comment!